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Helping business create a more prosperous society

The CBI speaks on behalf of 190,000 businesses of all sizes and sectors right across the United Kingdom. While they are different, they all require the same fundamental conditions to grow, succeed and create prosperity for all.

This matters, because when businesses succeed, it helps create opportunities for individuals, families and communities across the UK.

As firms grow, they hire more staff, training them in skills that last a lifetime. They pay more taxes towards the services people use every day, from bin collections and doctors’ appointments, to pensions and schools. And as they succeed, they invest in innovation to create new products and technologies.

The CBI’s purpose is to help businesses, like yours, create a more prosperous society. Our Prosperity Agenda, focusing on 5 priorities, provides the conditions to help firms achieve this.

  1. Image of Access to the people and skills needed for growth

    Access to the people and skills needed for growth

    People are at the heart of prosperity – driving the UK’s growth and innovation, but also benefitting from the jobs and opportunities businesses create. Our members are facing skill shortages in science, technology, construction and other areas.

    The CBI is working with Government and policymakers to build on progress in vocational training, reform education and shape the Apprenticeship Levy to meet businesses’ needs.

  2. Image of World-class enabling industries and infrastructure across the country

    World-class enabling industries and infrastructure across the country

    World-class infrastructure and enabling industries allow products, people, information and capital to move around. Indecision and underinvestment in Britain’s infrastructure is holding back business productivity.

    The CBI is calling on Government to invest in the foundations of our strong economy – energy, financial services, housing, digital infrastructure, roads, rail and airports.

  3. Image of Globally competitive tax, fiscal policy & regulation

    Globally competitive tax, fiscal policy & regulation

    Our members need a globally competitive business environment to provide the platform for entrepreneurship, growth and job creation. But regulation can be a heavy burden on productivity – limiting businesses’ ability to create the prosperity needed.

    The CBI is working across Whitehall and Brussels to reduce this. We’re also working with UK Government and the OECD to make sure international tax reforms lead to a competitive, level playing field for British business.

  4. Image of The climate and capabilities to innovate

    The climate and capabilities to innovate

    Innovation and prosperity go hand in hand. Our members need a climate for cutting-edge innovation and investment in digital technology to spur competition and increase productivity. However, UK R&D investment is at the bottom of the G7 rankings and we are lagging behind in company-level adoption of digital technologies.

    The CBI is campaigning for Government and business to work together to reach a combined R&D spend of 3% by 2020 and is influencing negotiations around the creation of a digital single market in Europe.

  5. Image of Easy and open access to world markets

    Easy and open access to world markets

    Firms need to be able to trade openly and easily with global markets to improve our trade performance and secure new investment here at home. Today there is a significant opportunity for growth through new trade deals and improved export support.

    Through our international office network in Brussels, Beijing, New Delhi and Washington D.C., we provide our members with support for their international growth ambitions and influence trade and investment policy – including the call for the creation of a National Exports Commission in the UK.

How to get involved

The CBI works on behalf of our members, building on our established relationships with government to ensure the voice of business is heard where and when it matters. From setting the skills agenda, to exports, infrastructure, innovation, tax, regulation and beyond.

With business leaders steering our agenda, and a diverse, vibrant membership giving their views on the ground, senior policymakers and government ministers actively seek our input when legislative or policy decisions are about to be made.

The issues that matter to your business drive us. Through a wide range of regional councils, policy standing committees and task and finish groups, members play an active role in informing and shaping the CBI’s policy development. Discover more about how CBI membership can benefit your business.


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