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The CBI is conducting a UK-wide analysis into the drivers of productivity, and will be outlining the key areas where government and business can work together to unlock regional growth.  Following the vote to leave the European Union, now is the time to ensure all regions and nations are sharing in the UK’s prosperity.

Top priorities

  • Raising prosperity – Ensuring the proceeds of growth are felt in every region and nation across the UK is essential to the CBI’s purpose to help business create a more prosperous society.
  • Closing the productivity gap – Despite huge efforts by local leaders in some regions and nations, the gap between London and the rest of the country isn’t getting smaller. Differences in regional productivity continue to drive differences in economic performance and prosperity across the UK.
  • Political devolution – Political devolution can be used to improve local decision-making and allocate resources geared towards economic growth. Both local and central government must ensure businesses have a seat at the table when devolution is being discussed.

Policy issues affecting the business community

Our research tells us that the differences in productivity are driven mainly by the following factors. Taken together, they can provide the conditions for success.

  • Education and skills – Improving standards in the UK’s school systems will help transform productivity in the regions. With 90% of the workforce today still likely to be employed in 10 years’ time, focusing on in-work training and adult skills development is also crucial.
  • Business practices – Management practices are one of the biggest drivers of productivity, but vary significantly between regions.  Implementing policies that encourage ambition and effective management practices, like Strathclyde Business School’s Growth Advantage Programme, can support regional growth.
  • Infrastructure – Improving transport links between regional cities, and reducing bottlenecks remains the critical challenge.  Reducing commuting time helps local businesses by allowing them to draw on a larger number of skills and talents.
  • Devolution – Devolution has the potential to be a significant part of the solution to a number of the challenges to raising regional productivity. But the devolution of powers must go hand-in-hand with effective leadership that delivers growth. With accountable structures in place, devolution can help to unlock regional growth.

How to get involved

We’ve hosted a series of roundtables with CBI members and established experts whose input has been vital as we formulate our conclusions.

We are now collating our research and will disseminate our findings in our meetings with members, politicians, officials and the media.

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