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Technology has revolutionised daily life and the relationship between businesses and consumers. A major industry in its own right, and an enabler of all industries and sectors, technology is a force for good in businesses' drive to embrace the digital revolution. The CBI works with technology businesses, and businesses across all sectors, to share best practise in technology adoption as we shape the policy agenda in a fast paced external environment.

Top priorities

  • UK relationship with the EU & internationally – From the recently adopted General Data Protection Regulation to the ongoing formation of a Digital Single Market in Europe, we are working with our members and with government to shape international regulatory standards and to ensure that the technology sector is recognised as central to the UK's continued global standing.
  • The UK digital agenda – Just as important to UK economic growth and productivity is the UK's domestic environment. Whether it's getting the superfast broadband that businesses and consumers need in all parts of the country, encouraging investment in innovation and technology adoption, or allowing our entrepreneurial businesses to thrive, the CBI is convening members to answer the big digital policy questions that will continue in the years ahead.
  • Digital skills & talent – Access to people and skills is critical to the technology sector, as well as the businesses of all sectors that the tech industry enables. Technical and data analytics skills are of particular importance to boost economy wide tech adoption and growth, and the CBI is championing the importance of digital skills in schools, in the boardroom and for regional growth.

Policy issues affecting the industry

  • Data – From the General Data Protection Regulation to the EU-US Privacy Shield, and the importance of data flows more generally, the CBI is actively working on the regulatory frameworks and standards that will effect UK businesses operating in the modern digital economy – particularly in the context for the UK's exit from the European Union.
  • Creating a Digital Single Market in Europe – We are influencing the establishment of new rules governing how businesses buy and sell online across borders, licence digital content and transmit data. As a world leading digital economy, the UK's involvement in shaping the creation of the Digital Single Market remains as important as ever for the future of our relationship with the European Union.
  • Digital skills – From technical skills and data analytics to general leadership know-how of how to digitise, the CBI is actively working with government to shape our approach to boosting digital skills in the UK, as well as working with businesses themselves on boosting their knowledge and skills when it comes to digital technology.
  • Digital infrastructure – Improving access to fast and reliable broadband infrastructure across the UK is vital to UK businesses. We are working with government and businesses to tackle barriers to the roll out of high-speed mobile and fixed internet connections.
  • Disruptive business models – New technology has enabled firms to develop new business models and challenge existing ways of working. However, the regulatory environment is often slow to adapt to this change, restricting potential economic benefits brought about by challenger firms. Our access to government enables us to influence policies to help new businesses thrive.
  • R&D investment – The UK has a great environment for new ideas but invests less in research and development than its international competitors. We are campaigning to increase public and private investment in R&D to 3% of GDP, working with government to establish a roadmap to achieving this goal.
  • Adoption of digital technology – Digital technology is transforming how businesses operate along with wider society. From banking to farming, healthcare to retail, the digital opportunity extends to all sectors of our economy. Our network brings businesses together to learn from one another and explore how new technologies can be applied.

Get involved

  • Come to our events – The CBI runs a range of digital technology events such as workshops and conferences. Join us to discuss the latest cutting edge topics in digital policy and advances in technology.
  • Influence our policy – Meet with our team of digital policy advisers and come along to our working groups with businesses from a range of sectors to influence digital and technology policy.
  • Get the latest intelligence – Become a member and sign up to our news and updates, listen to our podcasts, and read our reports and briefings on developments in the digital and technology world.

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What our members are telling us:

Steve Hatch
Managing Director UK & Ireland, Facebook

The rapid acceleration of technology, particularly mobile, has created a major revolution in the way we connect today and the UK is a fast innovating market. I'm excited to meet and work with British businesses within the CBI network, both small and large to help them realise the potential of technology.

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