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    Podcast: CBI Insights - round-up of Labour Conference 2018

    27 September 2018 - 

    As the 2018 Labour Conference comes to a close we hear from Sam Colson, Senior Campaigns Adviser at the CBI, for some of the key highlights and what these mean for business.

  • Report Trade

    Winning Worldwide

    19 July 2018 - 

    A four-step exports growth plan for the UK

  • Insight Trade

    What are industry trade associations saying about EU rules and regulations?

    11 April 2018 - 

    As part of its six-month long evidence gathering efforts, the CBI spoke with dozens of trade associations to get their views on the future of the rules that will govern the UK economy. The CBI would like to thank all those who contributed to its new report, Smooth operations, and has published a selection of the trade associations’ responses to our new report below:

  • Report Trade

    Smooth operations

    11 April 2018 - 

    An A-Z of the EU rules that matter for the economy

  • Podcast Trade

    Podcast: Political update

    27 March 2018 - 

    With the government striking a transition deal in the Brexit negotiations, we hear from Polly Haydn-Jones and Pete McManus from the CBI campaigns team to get the low-down on what the deal means for business, and any resulting political fallout.

  • Insight Trade

    Preparing for future customs arrangements

    14 November 2017 - 

    Read the CBI Response to the HMT white paper on customs

  • Insight Trade

    Top tips on taking your business global

    13 November 2017 - 

    Earlier this year, the CBI held its annual MSB Summit at etc. venues in St Paul’s. In partnership with Lloyds Bank, the day explored the intelligence and capabilities needed to help growing businesses succeed in the current climate.

  • Report Trade

    Sterling Assets: China

    02 November 2017 - 

    Sterling Assets: China examines the impact of UK investment by mapping trade and investment flows into China providing useful insights to British and Chinese businesses and policymakers alike.

  • Insight Trade

    Discover market opportunities for British businesses around the globe

    27 October 2017 - 

    With the UK on its way out of the EU, the Department for International Trade has established 13 working groups with 18 countries around the globe. These groups aim to explore how to progress the UK’s trade and investment relationships and will prepare the ground for a series of agreements and deals under a new national trade strategy.

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