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There is a growing national and political conversation underway about the role of business in society. Our prosperity as a country is linked to the success of business but business can’t make a full contribution through its expertise, investments and ideas to create a more inclusive economy when people don’t always see the value it creates. The CBI is committed to demonstrating the value of business to the UK and ensuring that business has the right to be heard on the issues that matter.

Top priorities

  • Corporate governance and executive pay – The new government have put business behavior, particularly executive pay, firmly in the spotlight. Business must engage constructively with the wider debate about the different levels of reward and representation across UK business. We are listening to our members and working with government to shape the right mechanisms to deliver these aims.
  • Public perceptions research – The CBI will be conducting new public perceptions research to re-diagnose the trust issue. This research will provide CBI and its members with the up to date intelligence about people's relationships with business today.
  • Shared narrative about the value of business – The CBI will use the latest public perceptions research to establish a new narrative on the value of business, and will work with members to embed this across the business community as well as through all CBI communications.
  • Developing business-led solutions – Building on the research and what we’ve heard through our Great Business Debate campaign, we’ll be exploring the actions that business can lead on and that will address the heart of the issue.
  • The Great Business Debate – Our campaign to encourage constructive conversation about the value of business. The campaign aims to set out the facts and combatting myths about what business does and the contribution it makes, encourages people to give us their views on business and where it needs to do more and provides an opportunity for business to take part in a constructive conversation about what it does and how it does it.

How to get involved

  • Share your views – There are many ways for members to contribute to our work on the value of business. Write a blog, share case studies, debate through our social media channels, or contact us.
  • Sign up to newsletter Sign up to our newsletter to receive value of business news and invites to our events.
  • Come to our event, or host your own – We hold a number of exciting events throughout the year that are free for members to attend. We also provide the tools for members to host their own events on public confidence issues that are important to them.
  • Access insight – Read our extensive catalogue of expert opinion pieces, factsheets, case studies and more!

Materials for CBI members

  • Facts and analyses – Get up-to-date insight on the issues that impact public trust in business and access best practice case studies from businesses across the UK.
  • Member toolkit – Our member toolkit is packed with the resources you need to contribute to the campaign, from social media to hosting your own Great Business Debate event. Find out more.
  • Email updates – Our member email updates keep members informed on CBI’s latest work on the Value of business as well as insights and analysis and ways to get involved in our work.

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What our members are telling us:

Estelle Brachlianoff

How a company does business is becoming as important, for its reputation and for its shareholders, as the profit it makes.

What our members are telling us:

Judith Everett
COO, Crown Estate

We have to look through the uncertainty and think bigger about how we create value to achieve resilient and relevant businesses.

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