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  • Report Value of business

    Building trust in the digital economy

    11 September 2018 - 

    New CBI research shows in no uncertain terms that the way a company treats personal data is the top concern for potential customers and business partners.

  • Report Value of business

    Everyone's business: Supporting an outstanding reputation

    04 September 2018 - 

    CBI launches a new guide for employers to help improve business reputation

  • Report Value of business

    Everyone's business tracker

    04 September 2018 - 

    The latest findings shows power to improve business reputation lies firmly in the hands of business

  • Podcast Value of business

    Podcast: London business survey April 2018

    26 April 2018 - 

    In the sixth edition of the CBI/CBRE London business survey, Eddie Curzon talks with guests Jennette Arnold (Chair of the London Assembly), Andy Steele (CEO of Osborne Construction) and Kevin McCauley, (Senior Research Director at CBRE).

  • Report Value of business

    Everyone's business: Public attitudes report

    19 July 2017 - 

    Discover how location affects people's attitudes towards business with our regional map

  • Article Business Voice

    Ready for reform?

    08 March 2017 - 

    Government plans for reform look set to bring higher expectations for corporate governance – it’s time to get ready

  • Insight Value of business

    Brexit uncertainty demands more responsible business

    15 July 2016 - 

    Over coming years, at least until Britain has established a new global role following the ‘Brexit’ referendum, the spotlight of public scrutiny will fall on business more than ever before. Its ‘licence to operate’ will have to be more obviously earned, whilst thoughts that business was somehow above the tawdry world of (small ‘p’) politics will have to be reassessed. Brexit is changing everything.

  • Insight Value of business

    Demonstrating the value of business after Brexit

    15 July 2016 - 

    Just four weeks ago the world changed.

  • Insight Value of business

    Women in senior positions need to make themselves visible

    21 April 2016 - 

    Gender diversity in the workplace and why women need to make themselves visible.

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