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How to transfer your apprenticeship levy

If you want to support your supply chain or your sector to employ more apprentices, Leicester College’s Giles Holmes explains how

Following some successful campaigning by the CBI, the government announced towards the end of last year that levy paying businesses will be able to transfer up to 25% of their annual levy allocation to other employers, including SMEs, for apprenticeship training delivery. The transfer facility comes into play in April this year – and, at Leicester College, we have put together a dedicated support package to help local levy employers use it effectively.

We want to help employers to support their supply chain – and other smaller businesses in their industry – to deliver more apprenticeships to upskill new and existing employees.

We all know that engaged and motivated staff have a positive impact on the performance of a business. But by transferring up to 25% of the levy fund to other employers, levy paying organisations are also able to demonstrate their commitment to smaller businesses, support the local economy, help in job creation and support wider workforce development.

And there are various ways you can use the facility to do more. At Leicester College we are helping one organisation to support local charitable organisations to develop the skills and productivity of their workforce through apprenticeships. We’re supporting another to embed apprenticeships throughout its supply chain to improve productivity, performance and sustainability by focusing on developing their managers and future leaders.

A helping hand

Working with an apprenticeship provider, such as Leicester College, takes the pressure off levy paying organisations. We can broker apprenticeship opportunities with identified and agreed employers including SMEs, charities and employers in your industry sector, ensuring that the fund is well used without your own staff using their valuable time to manage it.

Our support package is designed to make the whole process simple and easy. There is an initial meeting to agree the strategy and plan of action, including which employers to contact. Then we take over. We contact the identified employers to explore which apprenticeships could add value to their businesses, whether for existing staff or new employees. We monitor the apprenticeships, to ensure the quality of delivery and that both the levy paying organisation and the recipient are seeing the expected benefits.

In addition, the levy paying organisation doesn’t have to worry about any of the administration of the levy linked to the transfer facility, as we can manage the fund through your Digital Apprenticeship Service account.

Whether you’re a levy paying employer, or a business that could benefit from their support, we’d be delighted to discuss the opportunities with you – so please get in touch.

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