Strategic partner

Join us at our CBI Insight event on improving employee engagement as a route to getting the most out of investment in pensions, in partnership with AEGON.  Taking place in London on Tuesday 27 March and again in Edinburgh on Wednesday 28 March.

The introduction of auto-enrolment brought the requirement for all UK employers to provide a workplace pension for the first time. With business committing billions in auto-enrolment contributions each year and contributions for both sides set to rise until 2019, never has there been a more important time to consider how businesses and individuals can capitalise upon their pensions investments. 

With improving employee engagement remaining a critical factor in ensuring staff at all levels get the most out of their pension investments, the CBI and AEGON have conducted leading research into how businesses can more effectively help staff to bolster saving levels and fully realise the benefits of their investments through more effective and sustained engagement.  

Targeted at finance and HR professionals, both sessions will open with a short introduction before moving into a panel session, where experts will present key insights and offer practical advice on improving employee engagement. Time will also be provided for audience questions.    

Please note that places at both events are limited so please book as soon as possible to guarantee your attendance.