Strategic partners

Discover London's regional productivity rating and what can be done to unlock further growth.

Driven by the passion of our members across the UK’s regions and nations the CBI embarked on an ambitious project to understand what drives growth and productivity in the UK.

Now that we have the results we want to share them with you. Gain a fascinating insight into London's productivity ranking and find out how your area compares to other UK regions.

Through our research we discovered 4 critical factors which contribute to productivity growth. We think this insight can help businesses like yours. We are campaigning for local decision makers in your area to adapt their plans to maximise your regions productivity potential.

By partnering with us at our launch you can help persuade your local decision makers and government that productivity growth should sit at the heart of the UK’s new industrial strategy. This event will also offer a great opportunity for networking with peers and policymakers who are shaping the agenda in your area. 

This event on the 25th April will explore London's productivity ranking and regional scorecard.

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