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Join us at our next SME Network.  This series brings together experts from business and industry to share knowledge, best practice and ideas to take practical solutions into the boardroom.

This SME Network will be focussing on CBI Brexit policy developments for 2019.

Join CBI Regional Director Rick Blackmore to hear the latest insight as the Brexit negotiations reach a critical phase. Rick will share key political intelligence from Westminster and Brussels, and delegates will receive an update on CBI Brexit policy developments for 2019.

Following the update, Dr Elene Georgiadou from Loughborough University will share the ongoing research: ‘28+ perspectives on Brexit: a guide to the multi-stakeholder negotiations’ which aims to inform those negotiating Brexit about the EU Member States' Brexit positions, the Brussels/UK negotiating environment and sentiment, vis-á-vis a range of potential Brexit negotiation outcomes.

The University will also present their research on commercial diplomacy. Tailored to support SME exports, commercial diplomacy tools are extremely relevant post-Brexit and there will be a focus on how other countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Greece support their SMEs in an effort to overcome economic challenges. Knowing what other countries do during this period can support businesses to find out what sort of help they could get or ask for from the UK government.


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