CBI Scotland responds to the consultation on implementation of recommendations from the Barclay Review on non-domestic rates.

Business investment is a key enabler of productivity and economic growth now and in the future and the Barclay Review remit of ‘better supporting business growth and long-term investment’ reflects what is needed in the economy more broadly, not just within the non-domestic rates (NDR) system.

Key findings:

  • The Business Growth Accelerator is a welcome relief and needs consistency and stability to encourage much-needed business investment.
  • The shift to three yearly revaluations will help better align NDR with market conditions and need to go hand in hand with appeals reform that supports more transparency and early engagement.
  • Imposing additional local levies will not solve issues related to global online business and will instead undermine the objective of better supporting local business growth and long-term investment.
  • Transparency of information should be at the core of the NDR system and will depend on open and direct collaboration between ratepayers and assessors.