New CBI research shows in no uncertain terms that the way a company treats personal data is the top concern for potential customers and business partners.

When it comes to tackling some of the biggest challenges our society faces, from combating climate change to supporting an ageing population, data driven technologies will help find the answers. As a society, we should be open and optimistic about the opportunities that technology unlocks. But that progress must be matched by a commitment to uphold the highest standards of protecting data. 

CBI research examines the relationship between data, trust and technology

  • 84% of consumers say a business with a good data security history and protects personal information, is the key characteristic they look for when deciding who to buy from
  • 54% believe companies may have misused their data in the past
  • 73% want to understand more about how their data is used
  • Majority of the public think businesses will use data more responsibly in the future.

The pace of change is accelerating and issues of trust, privacy and innovation and increasingly in the spotlight. People need to have trust in the way technology gets smarter and solves new challenges. This is by no means a matter for just the tech sector, data fundamentally underpins the everyday work of businesses across the economy.

These survey results are the first step in a wider CBI campaign examining the relationship between trust and technology.

CBI, Everyone’s Business Tracker, 2018. The survey evidence represents the results of research conducted by Opinium Research for the CBI and Porter Novelli, between 29 to 31 May 2018. Opinium conducted an online survey of 2,007 UK adults.