Engaging with saving, the CBI/Aegon guide to pension engagement explains how and why UK employers should be seeking to engage their staff with their workplace pensions.

The level of employee engagement with pensions across UK workforces is too low. This is bad news for employees but also for businesses. Employees who understand and take an interest in their pension schemes are far more likely to value their employers’ investment.

Only 12% of employers who participated in our survey were happy with how engaged their workforce was with pensions.

Businesses whose employees are engaged with their pensions can reap the rewards through their recruitment and retention of staff.


Firms have invested vast amounts in pensions. In 2016, employers paid £52bn into auto-enrolment pensions. Nearly all firms contribute above the required minimum to the pensions of at least some of their staff.


Employers believe that they could be seeing a greater return on their investment. The solution: stronger employee engagement with pensions.

55% of firms think greater employee engagement with pensions will improve their ability to recruit and retain staff.


Cutting down on jargon and using clearer language would also improve employees’ understanding of pensions.


But there are significant challenges to overcome. Poor understanding around pensions and the importance of saving for retirement is leading some employees to put off saving for another day. Educating staff about the benefits of workplace pensions should be a priority for businesses.

This is not a job for businesses alone. Government must make it easier for businesses to speak to their employees about pensions by maintaining a stable framework that supports understanding and enables consistent messaging.

The CBI/Aegon Guide to Pensions Engagement offers practical insights from firms about how new approaches to employee engagement can help businesses to get the most out of their investment in pensions.