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Pursuing prosperity: CBI Scotland Delivering for Business

A roadmap to prosperity: business-led approaches to boosting Scotland’s productivity

Improving productivity is vital for many economies around the world and critical for Scotland if it’s to prosper in the long-term. While the term ‘productivity’ isn’t one commonly used by individuals, or even firms, in day-to-day conversation, it’s key to unlocking higher wages, better living standards and a more prosperous society for all.

Much work has been done to identify, and begin to address, issues of productivity (including CBI Scotland’s own Pursuing Prosperity report). Despite these efforts, it remains a stubborn challenge. One thing has however become evident in recent years – boosting productivity is a challenge shared by both business and government, and it can only be achieved with a thriving and competitive private sector.

With Brexit and its associated uncertainty looming large over business decision-making, there has rarely been a more important time for firms to consider how they can improve performance through investment in their own people and processes.

Which is why we want to focus on what businesses themselves can do to drive change and where support and partnership with government is needed. To help achieve this we have developed a series of clear and pragmatic guides around the range of issues seen to underpin productivity.

There is no silver bullet, however, by breaking productivity down into four key categories (education and skills; innovation; management practices; exporting and connectivity), CBI Scotland has suggested practical actions business and government could consider implementing to improve Scotland’s productivity.

The rewards for finding a lasting solution will be hugely beneficial to our economy, our businesses and our people, as we continue to compete in a fast moving and competitive global market.

Tracy Black
Director, CBI Scotland


Some of our work for this campaign

  • Innovation

    Innovation has a strong link with company growth and productivity so CBI Scotland has explored the steps businesses can take to help foster new ideas and approaches to create an innovation culture.

  • Connecting to the Future

    CBI Scotland outlines next generation infrastructure priorities for Scotland that can have a positive impact on productivity and generate sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

  • Education is Everyone's Business

    A practical guide for businesses on engaging with schools in Scotland to ensure our education system equips young people with the attributes they need to succeed.

  • Front of Mind: Scotland

    With increasing business and government focus on finding solutions to better working lives and productivity, CBI has investigated the steps businesses can take to improve workplace health and wellbeing.

  • Winning Worldwide: Scotland

    CBI Scotland looks at actions government can take to support businesses in Scotland to expand international activity, boost productivity and Scottish exports.