Delivering a roadmap to supercharge the UK's digital infrastructure

Digital connectivity offers unprecedented opportunities for businesses and consumers across the UK.

The UK is sitting on an untapped opportunity to supercharge productivity, prosperity and UK international competitiveness. In today’s world, digital connectivity matters more than ever; if data is the new oil, digital connectivity is the pipe. Seamless digital connectivity, from full fibre networks to 5G, offers unprecedented opportunities for businesses and consumers. With the rise of new technology and modern business practices, flawless digital connectivity can enhance productivity and future-proof the digital revolution.

Now is the time to make the UK match-fit on digital connectivity.

To provide the digital connectivity businesses need, government must deliver on its vision to achieve a buffer-free fibre and 5G future by stepping up to the scale of change required. In practice, this means delivering policy at a digital pace, raising government’s level of commitment to becoming an international leader, and setting the framework for fast-paced business adoption of existing and future digital connectivity. There’s no time to waste.

This report aims to:

  • Set out the latest evidence on the digital infrastructure landscape in the UK and the transformational opportunities of seamless digital connectivity for business
  • Make specific recommendations for government to improve the rollout of current and future digital connectivity and outline a roadmap for government action over the next three years
  • Examine how government can create the conditions for business adoption of digital connectivity, providing insight for firms on how to practically improve their digital tools.