A business and civil society briefing

There is a growing convergence between business and tax advocacy groups on the use of tax incentives in the Global South and this common ground should be communicated to policymakers. Better tax policymaking by developing country governments would lead to a better deal for both business and the world's poorest people.

It is for this reason that the CBI has come together with Action Aid, Christian Aid and Oxfam to create this joint report. This common ground will be relevant to businesses and – primarily – the policymakers responsible for the design of effective and efficient tax incentives.

This report brings together the business and civil society perspectives on tax incentives to develop a set of joint reflections. We believe these joint reflections would helpfully underlie the use of tax incentives, and promote a better, fairer tax system that both attracts inward investment, whilst promoting stronger revenue collection by governments in the Global South.

The business perspective focuses on the need for a level playing field which can be maintained through well-designed incentives that promote genuinely positive outcomes, while the civil society perspective is largely concerned with the negative impacts that poorly designed incentives can have on revenue collection in the Global south.