The business community is committed to making the best of Brexit. It is confronting the challenges it presents and is ready to chase the opportunities. By laying out its six principles to guide the UK-EU negotiations, it is hoping to guide the direction the negotiations take to seek the best possible deal for the whole economy.
The government has stated that it will not be providing a running commentary on the negotiations. Business accepts that. But there are steps that the government can take to help provide more certainty.

Step 1: Partnership

Continued close, deep collaboration between business and government is vital to help shape the country's future economic relationships.

Government should reach out more widely than ever before across the UK's business community, to companies of all sectors, all sizes and – vitally – from all parts of the UK. And the business community should step up to help, with individual companies providing views and experts at sectoral trade associations offering specialist advice and data.

Step 2: Opportunity

How the UK shapes its new relationship with the EU and the rest of the world is one of the business community's leading priorities – however it is not the only one. There are numerous areas where work is needed to get more firms hiring, training, innovating and expanding.

Government should take ambitious steps now to put the UK in the best position possible after the UK leaves the EU. And the business community should aid this process, offering the big ideas on skills, tax, innovation and infrastructure that can spread prosperity to all.

Step 3: Evidence

As the government approaches the many complex decisions ahead, it will be important to comprehensively appreciate the interconnected nature of the UK economy, both between sectors and between the UK and the rest of the world.

The government should make careful assessments of the decisions they make and the impacts of decisions on the whole economy, because it is absolutely crucial that no decisions are made about industries in isolation. And the business community should do all it can to provide evidence and insight that government cannot gather on its own.

CBI members understand that the process will be complex and – at times – difficult. Industry across the UK is committed to playing a constructive role and urge the government to embrace partnership, opportunity and evidence so that together we can get the best deal for the UK's nations, communities and families.

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