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  • 03 March 2015

    U.S Economic Update

    Lower fuel prices have continued to reverberate through the U.S. economy. Numbers for January show that fuel prices fell by 16.9%, which is the largest monthly drop since 2008.

  • 03 March 2015

    Keystone XL Pipeline - bill vetoed

    Last week President Obama vetoed a bill approving the Keystone XL Pipeline. The pipeline – which is the fourth phase of the TransCanada Corporation’s project to move oil from fields in Alberta, Canada to refineries on America’s Gulf Coast – has languished after years of debate over the environmental and economic impact of the pipeline.

  • 03 March 2015

    U.S Trade Update

    U.S. negotiators met with their counterparts in February on both the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

  • 03 March 2015

    U.S Congressional Update

    February marked the return of party politics front and center, with major battles over immigration and the Keystone XL pipeline pitting the Republican-controlled Congress against the White House. 

  • 03 March 2015

    Northern Ireland's digital economy seminar

    The value and opportunity of Northern Ireland’s digital economy was the key focus of a CBI breakfast seminar in Belfast this morning. 

  • 02 March 2015

    CBI comments on Prime Minister's Housing Speech

    The CBI commented on the Prime Minister’s housing speech, and the proposals for 200,000 Starter Homes by 2020.

  • 02 March 2015

    CBI welcomes reform of Executive Departments

    CBI responds to the First Minister’s statement on the reform of Executive Departments in Northern Ireland. READ MORE


  • 02 March 2015

    Members exchange views with Dame Ann Dowling and HEFCE REF team

    Members of the CBI Inter-Company Academic Relations Group (ICARG) met Dame Ann Dowling, president of the Royal Academy of Engineering to discuss the review she is conducting on behalf of Greg Clark, minister for universities, science and cities, into business-university research collaboration.

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