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These are the latest CBI survey dates

2 April – Growth Indicator Survey for March (0001)

24 April - Quarterly Industrial Trends Survey (1100)

27 April – Quarterly Distributive Trades Survey (1100)

30 April – Growth Indicator Survey (0001)

Image of The Northern Ireland business response to a snap General Election

18 Apr 2017

CBI Northern Ireland's response to a General Election called for 8 June, subject to Parliamentary approval.

Image of Northern Ireland business and civic society appeal to politicians

11 Apr 2017

Business and civic society will call on local politicians to find a way forward in creating a power-sharing government for Northern Ireland.

Image of North-South electricity Interconnector essential to supporting all-Ireland economy

11 Apr 2017

The CBI and Ibec, the two major business groups in the Republic and Northern Ireland, have set out the economic importance of the proposed 400kV overhead North-South electricity Interconnector. 

Image of Apprenticeship Levy: Businesses need Support

06 Apr 2017

CBI Northern Ireland comments on the effect the new Apprenticeship Levy will have on businesses

Image of Medium-sized businesses focused on growth despite uncertainty associated with Brexit

31 Mar 2017

MSBs played a leading role in the economic recovery after the global financial crisis – and now they are gearing up for another challenging period with life – and growth - after Brexit.

Image of CBI comments on the death of Martin McGuinness

22 Mar 2017

Our reaction to the death of Martin McGuinness.

Image of MCS Group ignites support for STEM Careers in Northern Ireland

14 Mar 2017

STEM is the backbone to innovation and is a strong contributor to regional growth.

Image of Next Executive must addresss low productivity in Northern Ireland

14 Mar 2017

Today, 100 senior business leaders, media and political representatives attended the CBI’s Annual Economic Summit at the Hilton Hotel Belfast, to hear insights from a number of key experts on the economy.

Image of Politicians must refocus efforts towards forming a functioning devolved Executive

04 Mar 2017

The CBI has commented on the result of elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Image of Northern Ireland business & civic society call for compromise and mutual respect

01 Mar 2017

Business groups, civil leaders and the higher education sector have come together to urge the public and our politicians to fully support devolved government in Northern Ireland.