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These are the latest CBI survey dates

2 April – Growth Indicator Survey for March (0001)

24 April - Quarterly Industrial Trends Survey (1100)

27 April – Quarterly Distributive Trades Survey (1100)

30 April – Growth Indicator Survey (0001)

Image of Business keen to work with UK and EU27 governments as talks get underway

31 Mar 2017

The CBI has responded to the publication of the draft EU guiding principles for negotiating the UK's exit from the EU following the triggering of Article 50.

Image of A 'pivotal moment in the country's history'

31 Mar 2017

The CBI reacts to the Government’s triggering of Article 50

Image of Continuity and clarity needed to give certainty for businesses

30 Mar 2017

The CBI has responded to the UK Government's publication of the Great Repeal Bill White Paper

Image of 'Pivotal moment in country's history'

29 Mar 2017

The CBI has commented on the triggering of Article 50 by the UK Government.

Image of What business wants from UK-EU negotiations after Article 50

29 Mar 2017

Companies want early wins to set the right tone for trade talks

Image of Clarity on future EU deal is the priority for Scottish firms

13 Mar 2017

CBI Scotland has responded to the First Minister's announcement at Bute House ahead of the triggering of Article 50.

Image of It's time for plain speaking on immigration

23 Feb 2017

As the UK leaves the EU, there will be trade-offs to make when it comes to designing a new immigration system, writes CBI Director-General Carolyn Fairbairn in The Telegraph.

Image of Brexit White Paper published

03 Feb 2017

CBI view on the government’s Brexit White Paper.

Image of CBI Director-general talks Brexit in Paris and Davos

02 Feb 2017

Carolyn Fairbairn recently went to Paris for Brexit discussions with French business and political stakeholders, and attended the annual summit in Davos.

Image of The business view on the Brexit White Paper

02 Feb 2017

The CBI has responded to the publication of the Government’s White Paper on Brexit.