10 February 2018

  |  CBI Press Team


Calls for nationalisation miss the point

The CBI has responded to Labour’s proposals at their Alternative Models of Ownership conference.

Calls for nationalisation miss the point

Neil Carberry, CBI Managing Director for People and Infrastructure, said:

“Labour’s calls for nationalisation continue to miss the point. At a time when the UK must be seen more than ever as a great place to invest and create jobs, these proposals would simply wind the clock back on our economy.

“If Labour turns its back on good collaboration between the government and the private sector, public services, infrastructure and taxpayers will ultimately pay the price.

“With Labour, there are a number of priorities, such as skills and innovation, where we can agree on solutions that have been found to deliver an economy that is both more prosperous and fairer.

“But there are other areas where business shares the same determination to create a fairer society but disagrees on the solutions.

“The CBI will continue to engage with the Labour Party to find better solutions to the shared challenges we face.”