8 March 2019


CBI President urges pragmatism from politicians

Businesses are seeking clarity in the face of further Brexit uncertainty, with the Prime Minister setting out a new parliamentary mechanism to avoid a no deal Brexit in March.

CBI President urges pragmatism from politicians

With the government having accepted that more time may be needed if Parliament votes down the current Brexit deal in a vote by 12 March, Members of Parliament will next week be given a vote on leaving with “no deal” which, if rejected, will trigger a further vote on Article 50 extension. 

In the run up to these parliamentary votes, the CBI has remained consistent in its messaging to the UK government saying a no deal must be avoided at all costs and any changes to the deal must pass three tests: a deal that protects our economy, commands majority support in Parliament and a deal that is negotiable with the EU. 

This week, this message was highlighted by CBI President, John Allan, during a speech at the CBI’s Leaders Dinner where senior business leaders, from all sectors and sizes, also heard from Home Secretary, Sajid Javid.

In his speech, John urged politicians to unite around the Prime Minister’s deal, or to unite around something else, urgently. He went on to say that whatever is agreed should be something the EU will agree to and that works for the economy which would allow the UK and the EU to move on to the future negotiations.

For more information please get in touch with the CBI’s EU Negotiations team or visit the CBI Brexit hub here.