30 August 2018


CBI responds to the government's no-deal technical notices

Last week the UK government released the first 25 technical notices of their no deal plans.

CBI responds to the government's no-deal technical notices

Last week, following the publications of the 25 technical notices, the Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, reiterated that the government’s overarching priority is to reach a deal with the EU. The CBI has been clear that these technical notices can only be a starting point for the government in their no deal preparations. Many businesses will need a one-stop-shop where they can get the information and support they need to better understand the issues they would face.

Read the full technical notices on the government’s website

The technical notices published thus far have covered areas including medical supplies, financial services, nuclear safeguards, farming and organic food production. The government expects to publish the remaining 55 technical notices by the end of September.

You can find out more about what these papers mean for business and what no deal would mean in practice by listening to the CBI Brexit team’s latest podcast.

In response to the release of the papers, CBI Director-General, Josh Hardie, welcomed the technical notices, saying it was right and responsible that the government have supplied information to businesses on how it will help lower the risks of the harshest outcomes from a no deal. However, Josh went on to say that without a similar response from the EU, many of these mitigating measures would be blunted.

Read the full CBI’s response

Over the coming weeks, the CBI will be highlighting how disruptive a cliff-edge in March 2019 would be for business and the economy. To ensure that businesses do not face this disruption, negotiators must resolve the Irish backstop, the big outstanding issue of the Withdrawal Agreement. Once this issue is resolved, negotiators then need to finalise the Withdrawal Agreement and for this agreement to be ratified in the UK parliament and European Parliament to formally secure a jobs-first transition period.  

For more information, insight and intelligence on the latest Brexit developments and its implications, visit the CBI’s Brexit hub, or contact EUNegotiations@cbi.org.uk.