23 August 2018

  |  CBI Press Team

Press release

CBI responds to the latest ONS data on migration

The CBI has issued a response to the latest migration data from the Office for National Statistics.

CBI responds to the latest ONS data on migration

Matthew Fell, CBI UK Policy Director, said:

"News that EU net migration has fallen to its lowest level since 2012 will be a real concern for businesses that are already struggling to fill vacancies and plug skills gaps. With record high employment already impacting ability to hire, businesses face a double whammy that could stunt their ability to grow and damage their global competitiveness.

"With changes to immigration policy yet to kick-in, the figures highlight the importance of getting the post-Brexit system right. The system that replaces free movement needs to be both open and controlled. It must ensure that the UK is an attractive place where people want to come and work.”