21 March 2019

  |  CBI Scotland

Press release

CBI Scotland responds to latest GDP figures for Scotland

CBI Scotland Director Tracy black has responded to the latest GDP statistics for Scotland.

CBI Scotland responds to latest GDP figures for Scotland

Tracy Black, CBI Scotland Director, said:  

“While the latest stats show eight consecutive quarters of growth, overall economic momentum remains worryingly weak. What we desperately need is a step-change if the Scottish economy is going to deliver on higher wages, improved living standards and increasing the potential for stronger, sustained growth in the future – an economy that’s barely in first gear isn’t going to cut the mustard.

"Brexit uncertainty continues to be a significant factor behind weaker growth, however the recipe for Scottish economic success remains the same as it’s always been. Strong partnership between government and business, focussed investment in areas that can boost productivity and building a competitive business environment that helps the private sector grow and invest.”