31 January 2019

  |  CBI Scotland

Press release

CBI Scotland responds to the passing of the Scottish Budget

CBI Scotland has responded to the passing of the Scottish Budget for 2019/20.

CBI Scotland responds to the passing of the Scottish Budget

CBI Scotland Director, Tracy Black, said:

“The Budget brings forward a number of measures supported, and long argued for, by the business community. On business rates, the scrapping of the proposed out-of-town levy, capping the poundage rate and confirming the switch from RPI to CPI for the duration of this parliament are all welcome and will support businesses to grow the economy.

“If there is an added winter chill in the air, it’s the growing income tax gap between Scotland and the rest of the UK, alongside the emergence of a new ‘tourist tax’.

“At a time when firms are struggling to attract talent and investment, and amid continued Brexit uncertainty, protecting Scotland’s competitiveness has to go hand in hand with productivity enhancing measures to give our economy the boost it needs.”

On the decision to halt progress on the proposed Glasgow Airport rail link, Tracy said:

“Businesses will be disappointed to see that the long-anticipated rail link to Glasgow Airport appears to have been kicked into the long grass. A direct rail link has the potential to widen the already significant economic contribution Glasgow Airport makes to the local area and give a strong first impression of Scotland to overseas visitors and investors.” 

Notes to Editors:

CBI Scotland’s Accelerating our Ambitions report, published in October 2015, highlighted a rail link to Glasgow Airport as a priority infrastructure project with a wide economic impact for the region: http://www.cbi.org.uk/news/scotland-business-manifesto/accelerating-our-ambitions/