11 April 2018

  |  CBI Scotland

Press release

CBI Scotland responds to the publication of the new CBI 'Smooth operations' report

CBI Scotland has commented on the launch of a new CBI report on alignment and divergence with EU rules and regulations

CBI Scotland responds to the publication of the new CBI 'Smooth operations' report

Tracy Black, CBI Scotland Director, said:

“With ongoing debates over common frameworks and our own post-Brexit rule-making, this report couldn’t come at a more important time for Scottish businesses. For the majority of Scottish companies, continued alignment with EU rules and regulations can provide the certainty they need to continue growing and investing safe in the knowledge that they will not face competitive disadvantage from being out of step with one of their largest markets.

“Looking at a sectoral breakdown, it’s clear for that many of Scotland’s most important industries, particularly energy and financial services, regulatory convergence or alignment remains the right option. With Scotland also looking to attract the high skilled, high growth sectors that will deliver the jobs of tomorrow, it’s significant that companies in the technology and life sciences sectors also expressed a strong preference for alignment or convergence. 

“While there is a positive overall case for remaining aligned with the EU, we recognise that some Scottish companies see opportunity in a level of divergence. For those in the food and drink industry the opportunity to reform and improve farming regulation would be greatly welcomed. Similarly, a revision of Package Travel Regulations could be a significant boon to the hospitality and tourism sector.”