6 November 2017


#CBI2017 Blog: Brad Smith addresses the CBI Annual Conference

Brad Smith, President & Chief Legal Officer at Microsoft, delivered a speech on ‘What does the future of work look like for me?’ at the CBI Annual Conference.

#CBI2017 Blog: Brad Smith addresses the CBI Annual Conference

Five key takeaways from the speech:

  1. 'It’s an historic time for the UK in the world' – Brad Smith’s speech was underpinned by the prospect of the next industrial revolution, where ‘businesses die but people survive’. Brad stated this is not the first time we are experiencing technological change and we must embrace the opportunities.
  2. 'Up to 30% of the jobs in the UK are subject to automation' – Microsoft’s President and Chief Legal Officer stressed the opportunity for this country to seize the initiative that new technologies present. Technologies powered by the Cloud and fuelled by Artificial Intelligence will dominate the future. They will ‘enable computers to understand the world’ and ‘assimilate, learn and master human knowledge’. Opportunities exist for all businesses to take advantage of this emerging technology.
  3.  '90% of new jobs will require new digital skills' – Brad Smith encouraged businesses to think of technology in terms of what it can do for people. This can only be achieved if ‘businesses play a leadership role’ and think about the skills that people need. Bringing new skills into schools and developing our curriculum will enhance the reputation of Britain as a leader in this area.
  4. 'We will lead a programme to create 30,000 apprenticeships between now and 2020' – Working with their partners, Microsoft are committed to creating new career opportunities for people in the UK, and to ensure the benefits of new technology can be felt by people of all ages.
  5. 'Across the economy, there are huge opportunities for innovation' – Brad Smith said Microsoft are expanding their commitment in the UK. ‘This is a time when we can look forward’ he added, ‘a time of change and challenge’ but by acting together to do what we need to do, ‘it is a time of opportunity’.