6 November 2017


#CBI2017 Insight Seminar: Cyber resilience in today's digital world

Dr Andrew Rogoyski, Vice President Cyber Security Services at CGI UK, walks the audience through an interactive simulated cyber breach at the CBI Annual Conference.

#CBI2017 Insight Seminar: Cyber resilience in today's digital world

With less than 30% of businesses having a formal cyber policy, and two thirds of large businesses and over half of small businesses suffering an attack last year, organisations must think fast in the event of a cyber attack. What key areas can business leaders prepare for to handle a cyber breach?

  • Training – staff need to realise what to look out for to recognise sophisticated phishing attacks.
  • Understand your obligations – there will be timescales to adhere to when making notifications after certain regulations come into force.
  • Mitigate risk – investigate where your greatest vulnerability is for a data breach, this can even be with your own people.

Cyber security must be part of everything a business does and is a collective effort. Assess the risk, protect your business and operate with confidence.

It is an increasingly crucial issue for CBI members and our work focuses on three main areas:

  1. Collaborating with government – The CBI works closely with the National Cyber Security Centre to shape the UK’s cyber security strategy.
  2. Shaping the regulatory environment – We are working in partnership with government and the Information Commissioner’s Office to help businesses prepare for regulation such as the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  3. Convening business to share best practise – The CBI brings together different businesses to share ideas, insight and intelligence to respond to challenges together, which helps enable companies to become more resilient.

Thanks to our event partner CGI for their expertise and support with facilitating the seminar. Join the live conversation on #CBI2017