19 November 2018

  |  JLL


Creating a feel-good factor with sustainable office design

Managers are becoming increasingly aware that a sustainably-designed workspace helps to attract and retain the best talent.

Creating a feel-good factor with sustainable office design

Embracing a greener design philosophy is not simply about driving efficiencies or wanting to do the right thing - it’s becoming much more about the user experience and a recognition that eco-friendly design comes with huge benefits for employee wellbeing.

Creating light, bright spaces which maximise natural daylight and utilise sustainable materials all help to make the office somewhere employees are happy to be. In turn, this makes it easier to attract key workers who want to work for a business with an ethos and culture they support.

Good design is an intrinsic part of a greener office and as smart technology becomes more mainstream, occupiers will increasingly seek sustainable solutions. In turn, those investors who are tuned into environmental and wellbeing issues, stand to maximise returns.


Sue Asprey Price, JLL Head of Corporate Solutions, UK