30 August 2018


Driving Delivery

CBI urges greater local infrastructure spend to avoid a two-speed England.

Driving Delivery

Last week, the CBI published its new report Driving Delivery which sets out the key steps for accelerating infrastructure improvements right across the country. Previous CBI papers have established why infrastructure is so important to regional productivity and what specific projects are the priority for businesses from region to region. Driving Delivery focuses in on how better decision-making processes can be established to get these projects off the ground.

Read the full report, Driving Delivery

Transport networks should keep us and our economy moving, driving growth and productivity. However, with delays and disruption over the summer, transport has been back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. This weighs heavily not only on peoples’ quality of life, but on the UK economy too.

The report has been produced following extensive engagement with CBI members across English regions and sets out several important asks of government including increasing local transport funding at the next spending review and a consolidation in the number of different pots dedicated to local investment. The report also suggests there should be greater weight given to future economic potential in the Treasury’s infrastructure assessment tools. The final ask in the report lays out the need for new strategic transport bodies for the South West and the East of England to ensure all English regions are represented.

The report received good media coverage with recommendations being picked up by The Times, as well as by both regional and trade presses.Following the release of the report, the CBI will be using its recommendations during engagements with Ministers and civil servants as we head in to the autumn.

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