15 February 2018

  |  CBI Updates Team


Foreign Secretary sets out 'liberal vision' for Brexit

CBI responds to the Foreign Secretary’s speech, stating that many companies benefit from consistent regulation with the EU.

Foreign Secretary sets out 'liberal vision' for Brexit

In the first of a series of speeches on Brexit that cabinet ministers will be giving in the coming weeks, the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, made a wide-ranging speech on Wednesday. In his speech he set out his views on a number of important issues for business, including delivering greater control of immigration post-Brexit, and the need to regain control of the UK’s tariffs and rules.

CBI Director of Campaigns, John Foster, set out the business view in response, confirming that business is committed to making a success of Brexit, but stating that companies aren’t looking for a bonfire of regulation or divergence from EU rules. He also said that any new immigration system must meet public concern and desire for greater control as well the needs of the economy.

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As Mr Johnson confirmed, current government policy states that the UK will leave the single market and customs union after the transition period. However, following the first round of Phase two talks, Barnier stated that the UK’s decision to leave the single market and customs union would make boarder checks in Northern Ireland unavoidable. To understand why a customs union with the EU must remain on the negotiating table please read the CBI’s latest customs factsheet.

The CBI will be meeting with a number of senior cabinet ministers and EU negotiators over the next fortnight to ensure solutions are found to protect jobs and prosperity on both sides of the Channel. CBI Director-General, Carolyn Fairbairn, will be clear that policy makers should be guided by evidence, not ideology, and that tough decisions must be made urgently.

For more information, insight and intelligence on the latest Brexit developments and its implications, visit the CBI’s Brexit hub, or contact EUNegotiations@cbi.org.uk.