4 March 2016

  |  CBI Updates Team


National infrastructure priorities

The CBI has outlined challenges that the UK will face in the coming decades, which should be addressed by the National Infrastructure Commission.

A new report, Plotting the Course, highlights that if the NIC is to be a turning point in the UK’s long-term infrastructure planning, it is crucial it does not become slowed down by politics, and is focused on the issues which matter to those who rely on UK infrastructure.

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Drawing upon data from the CBI-AECOM 2015 Infrastructure Survey, the publication highlights some of the most important long-term challenges that businesses see on the horizon – including the electrification of transport, getting the UK on the front foot for the arrival of 5G, and making the long-term funding changes required to bolster investment in the UK’s road network.

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Highlighting the benefits of getting these priorities right, the report emphasises the potential of the NIC to enable us to deliver the projects required to meet our future needs, without years of delay and false starts. It emphasises that a long term approach would enable our infrastructure providers to establish robust supply chains, our contractors to map out the skills required, and our investors and planners to think innovatively on how we best deliver the infrastructure the UK will need.

It warns however that businesses would like to see the NIC being ambitious, especially in its first year, emphasising that the commission must have independence over its agenda in order to grapple with the tough long-term decisions necessary, as well as the teeth to hold government to account over its recommendations.

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