21 January 2019

  |  CBI Press Team


Our comments on Chinese GDP

We reacted to Chinese GDP data for 2018, showing the economy grew by 6.6%.

Our comments on Chinese GDP

Guy Dru Drury MBE, CBI Head of China, said:

“Whilst China saw a slight slowdown in its economy last year, it remains an economic titan and a vital market for UK plc.

“The Sino-British economic relationship is a tremendous success story. From services to schools, and Peppa Pig to The Premier League, our countries have a special and integral place in each other’s lives.

“With British firms making highly successful inroads into a wide range of dynamic regions and cities across the length and breadth of China, the UK is further engraining the economic ties between our two countries. The Chinese consumer market alone is worth over £3.3 trillion, so deepening that relationship will create thousands of jobs in the UK and China, raise living standards and boost productivity in both countries.”