5 July 2018

  |  CBI Press Team


Our comments on Construction Sector Deal

Our response to the Government's new £420 million Construction Sector Deal.

Our comments on Construction Sector Deal

George McFarlane, CBI Sector Development Director, said:

"Businesses will welcome the Construction Sector Deal, which firmly recognises construction's indispensable role in driving growth across the UK as part of the Industrial Strategy.

"With the industry needing to fill 158,000 roles over the next three years, the announcement of new training programmes to help develop the sector's skills pipeline is particularly encouraging.

"According to a recent CBI survey, 70% of sector construction firms believe the Government primarily awards contracts on the basis of who provides the lowest cost.

"The future health of the sector will therefore require the Government and its suppliers to work together closely to ensure contracts are always focused on long-term value."