8 February 2019


Ready, Set, Connect

CBI launches landmark digital infrastructure report in Parliament which looks how to supercharge the UK's digital infrastructure.

Ready, Set, Connect

Last week the CBI launched its landmark digital infrastructure report highlighting that the UK is sitting on an untapped opportunity to supercharge productivity, prosperity and UK international competitiveness. In today’s world, digital connectivity matters more than ever; if data is the new oil, digital connectivity is the pipe.

But with Brexit sucking the oxygen out of domestic priorities, there’s a real risk that the UK economy will get left behind. Now is the time to future-proof the UK’s digital infrastructure and give businesses the connectivity they need.

To coincide with the launch of the new report on digital infrastructure, the CBI held a parliamentary event kindly hosted by Mark Garnier MP.  With a range of business leaders and parliamentarians in attendance, the launch was a fantastic opportunity to build momentum on what needs to happen in 2019 to get the UK’s digital connectivity match-fit for the digital revolution

The report, Ready, Set, Connect, sets out a roadmap for government to future-proof the UK’s digital connectivity, deliver on its vision for full fibre and 5G by 2033 and ensure that businesses are well-placed to adopt the best digital connectivity for them.

Read the full report, Ready, Set, Connect

Following the reports publication, the CBI is kickstarting a campaign to build momentum and take action on digital connectivity. The roadmap will focus on addressing the key member concerns outlined in the report - from skills availability, integrated digital and transport infrastructure, updating planning laws and public spending to reach remote and rural areas, to wider business connectivity adoption. This will include extensive political engagement and insight for members.

For more information, please contact Susannah.Odell@cbi.org.uk.