12 April 2017


Regional infrastructure priorities report

Ahead of the release of the new Shaping Regional Infrastructure report, the CBI has engaged with members in all regions to highlight how infrastructure could deliver growth that is felt in all parts of the country. 

Regional infrastructure priorities report

As the government develops a modern industrial strategy and widens the focus of its devolution agenda, a clearer picture of the infrastructure needs of each part of the country will be critical. With this in mind, the CBI has engaged with members in all regions to produce its Shaping Regional Infrastructure report, informing conversations between business, government and broader stakeholders about how all parties can work together to deliver the infrastructure necessary to drive growth and prosperity across all regions.

In addition to setting out six infrastructure priorities for every region, its Shaping Regional Infrastructure report highlights four cross-cutting priorities for consideration by national policy-makers as well as strategic and sub-national bodies:

  • Linking regions to harness growth: Businesses across the country cite the need to improve connectivity within and between regions. Improved links between the UK’s largest cities provides businesses with access to a broader labour market pool, a wider range of markets and better connections to supply chains
  • Connections with international markets: Firms recognise, more than ever post Brexit, the need to link the whole of the UK to international markets to increase and encourage export capabilities. CBI members across all regions emphasised the need for long-term strategies for aviation and ports within a fully integrated transport system.
  • Regional governance: With business confidence in devolution highest in the regions where there has already been the greatest clarity, firms want to know where future infrastructure decisions will sit for the region in which they operate 
  • Joined up infrastructure: All regions highlight a need for a more joined up and strategic approach to planning and delivery across the different types of infrastructure. In particular, the need to better link up local housing plans with economic infrastructure is a priority, with CBI members also keen to prioritise the role of technology in improving the UK’s infrastructure

For more information please or to receive a copy of the report contact thomas.barlow@cbi.org.uk