19 November 2018

  |  JLL


Sustainable through technology

Innovation is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. We’re already seeing companies adopt technology focused on enabling buildings to be more efficient or utilising data to ensure better facilities management.

Sustainable through technology

Getting these fundamentals right helps attract occupants, creates a space where workers want to be and offers opportunities for investors to maximise returns. One Embankment Place, in London, uses a combined cooling, heating and power system, fuelled by recycled vegetable waste, collected and refined locally.

Innovations like sensors can detect which areas of an office are in use, while apps can be used to adjust temperature settings in line with the preferences of different work groups.

At The Edge, in Amsterdam, Deloitte’s pioneering sustainable office, 30,000 sensors measure occupancy, lighting, humidity and temperature, turning off lights when a room is empty.

Designs that enhance a firm’s environmental credentials are at the top of wish lists. Eco-friendly changes that can make a difference include using sustainable flooring and building materials, such as reclaimed wood or recycled construction materials.

Creating a sustainably-designed workspace not only attracts and retains the best talent. It sends a message that companies nurture their employees and care about their welfare.

Going forward, there will be an increasing awareness that environmentally-conscious design brings huge benefits for workers and ultimately, buildings which nurture staff will perform better for occupiers and investors.


Sue Asprey Price, JLL Head of Corporate Solutions, UK