13 September 2018


Time for employers to place workplace health and wellbeing front of mind

The CBI releases new report on workplace mental health and wellbeing.

Time for employers to place workplace health and wellbeing front of mind

This week, the CBI launched its Front of mind report, a good practice guide for mental health, in association with Bupa and HCA Healthcare. It details the findings from the CBI’s survey and interviews with 347 businesses, employing nearly 1.7 million people, which form the basis of recommendations to help employers of all sizes across the UK improve health and wellbeing in their workplaces.

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The CBI’s research shows that while some UK firms are leading the way, most say that they aren't acting because they don't know what works and can’t see the benefits for other businesses that have invested. The guide brings together case studies from businesses across the UK and sets out the business case for employers to act in three key areas of good practice:

  1. Making health and wellbeing a leadership priority
  2. Targeting action on early interventions
  3. Creating a culture that reinforces positive health wellbeing practices

View a summary for how employers can adopt an effective approach to workplace health and wellbeing

The publication of Front of Mind coincides with the launch of Mental Health at Work, a gateway of resources with information, advice and support for employers to improve workplace mental health. Funded by The Royal Foundation, it has been curated by the mental health charity Mind and is a follow up to the government-backed review into mental health and employers published last year.

For more information please contact Jennifer.Beckwith@cbi.org.uk (Employment) and Alissa.Dhaliwal@cbi.org.uk (Healthcare).