12 July 2018

  |  CBI Press Team


Time to pick up the pace on Apprenticeship Levy reform

The CBI has responded to publication of the latest apprenticeship start data for England. Official data shows that there have been 24,100 starts recorded so far in April 2018, compared with around 39,400 in April 2016.  This represents a 39 per cent decrease, compared with the same period in 2016.

Time to pick up the pace on Apprenticeship Levy reform

John Cope, CBI Head of Education and Skills, said:

“This stark drop in apprenticeship starts serves as a reminder that the apprenticeship levy is not working as intended. If we don’t significantly reform the levy quickly, companies will find it harder to invest in the quality apprenticeships and skills training they value so highly.

“The Government has accepted the need for levy reform and is working with businesses to improve the system, but we do need to pick up the pace.

“We will continue to press the Government for more flexibility in the levy, by permitting employers to ‘pool’ their funds and allowing more transfers through their supply chain, and will support the Institute for Apprenticeships to speed up the approval of apprenticeship standards.”