19 November 2018

  |  JLL


Ventilation and natural light

The guiding principles are to provide access to ventilation and natural light wherever possible. Streaming natural light into buildings via skylights, incorporating floor to ceiling glass walls, or incorporating morale-boosting greenery, all help to create a feel-good factor.

Ventilation and natural light

When employees can’t get a desk near to a widow, design features such as high ceilings or circadian lighting that mimics sunlight, can offer similar benefits.

Research suggests people working in offices with natural lighting enjoy a better quality of sleep and are more active than those who spend their days in darker rooms.

Green interior design, is also increasingly focused on improving workplace air quality. Creating an indoor garden acts as an air filter or using a passive air ventilation system, uses natural forces such as thermal buoyancy to circulate air to and from an outdoor space.


Sue Asprey Price, JLL Head of Corporate Solutions, UK