8 February 2019


Westminster update

The CBI has great engagement across government during a busy two weeks

Westminster update

As part of the Prime Minister’s visit to Northern Ireland this week, Angela McGowan, CBI’s Northern Ireland Director, attended a roundtable with Prime Minister, Theresa May, to discuss on going EU Negotiations.

Also this week, Josh Hardie, CBI attended the Business Organisations Trade Advisory Group with Secretary of State, Liam Fox, and the Trade Permanent Secretary, Antonia Romeo. The group meets every other month and on the agenda this time was trade continuity with third countries post-Brexit, potential tariff schedules in a no deal scenario, and business sentiment around inward investment. Following the meeting, the CBI has highlighted concerns about the damaging implications for the UK crashing out of trade deals it belongs to through EU membership.

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Also, in Westminster, last week the Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell, joined Scottish Businesses for the CBI’s Scotland reception. The event was attended by a handful of MPs including Labour MP, Ian Murray, and SNP MP, Marion Fellows with attendees hearing from Mr Mundell and CBI Scotland Director, Tracy Black who both discussed EU negotiations.

Elsewhere, City Minister, John Glen, joined the CBI’s financial services roundtable which focused on the CBI’s recent report Funding our future. Members shared the need to put customers first, maintain a global horizon and embrace innovation as technology continues to transform financial services so that the sector continues to deliver for business, helping businesses across the UK to manage costs and focus on growth. Mr Glen welcomed contributions from regional financial services members, underlining the importance of financial inclusions and the Global Financial Partnerships initiative to ensure the UK has a globally competitive sector that supports growth across the whole economy.

Finally, this week the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Pete Dowd, joined the CBI’s Tax Committee to hear from members about Brexit, Labour’s review of the tax reliefs and Labour proposals on share ownership.

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