19 May 2017

  |  CBI Press Team


What business in Wales wants from Westminster

The next Government must provide as much certainty as possible to support Welsh firms in making investment decisions 

What business in Wales wants from Westminster

The CBI Wales manifesto - Backing Prosperity in Wales - lays out how the UK Government and business can work together to make a success of Brexit and secure the bigger, long-term prize of making the UK the most inclusive, innovative and open economy in the world.

It is vital for both sides in negotiations to prioritise jobs and our £600 billion trade with the EU in the Brexit talks, ensuring the interests of the whole of the UK including Wales and the other devolved nations are given serious consideration as negotiations progress.

The UK’s hard-won reputation as a predictable, pro-enterprise economy must be protected. A clear and powerful early signal that the next UK Government is committed to growing the Welsh economy would be the abolition of Severn Bridge tolls. Abolishing the tolls has a cost but it could deliver an instant boost to the economy and would knit the economies of South Wales and the South West of England even closer together, helping to share prosperity and improve competition.