31 March 2017


What's the value of business to the UK?

The CBI is undertaking new research to better understand people’s day to day relationships with business.

What's the value of business to the UK?

To help organisations respond to the growing debate about the role of business in society, the CBI is partnering with Porter Novelli and Opinium to provide CBI members with up to date intelligence about the public’s relationships with business today.

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Speaking to the CBI’s Value of Business Taskforce – a group of senior executives from businesses of different sizes and sectors – CBI Deputy-Director General Josh Hardie explained that the new research will help the CBI to develop a clearer understanding of how business should talk about its value.

The Taskforce received an update on progress with the research, hearing about some of the insights from the initial, qualitative phase of the study. Further analysis will probe key areas from the study, such as a tension in consumer priorities between the high value placed on human relationships as well as cost and convenience.

Josh spoke about the importance of ensuring that the CBI engages broadly in this work, and listens to voices outside of the business community. To that end, the CBI is setting up a Challenge Panel to sit alongside the Taskforce. Comprising of diverse individuals representing key stakeholders including academia, media and community groups, the Panel will offer wider perspectives and constructive criticism on the CBI’s Value of Business work.

For more information please contact holly.harkins@cbi.org.uk