11 June 2018

  |  CBI London


Working towards a Dementia friendly London

Alzheimer’s Society, supported by the Mayor of London, has launched an ambition to make London the first dementia-friendly capital city in the world.
The aim is to transform the way businesses, individuals and communities think and act towards people living with dementia in London.

Working towards a Dementia friendly London

How does dementia affect Londoners?

There are an estimated 72,000 people living with dementia in London. Londoners with dementia and their carers have told us the biggest challenges they face living in the capital are transport; housing; health, care and emergency services; business and retail; and social inclusion

What will a Dementia Friendly London look like?

A Dementia Friendly London is an inclusive and compassionate city where all Londoners affected by dementia are empowered and supported to live well.

People affected by dementia will:

  • Travel to where they want to go safely
  • Live somewhere they feel supported, understood and included in community life
  • Receive the help they need to access quality health, care and support services when and where they require it
  • Be able to participate in all that London has to offer in arts, culture and leisure
  • Feel confident to visit local high streets and town centres.

What is our vision for the future?

By 2022, Alzheimer’s Society wants to see:

  • 2,000 organisations that are more dementia friendly
  • 500,000 Dementia Friends taking action, big or small, to improve the everyday lives of people affected by dementia
  • Every London borough working towards becoming a dementia-friendly community
  • Meaningful involvement of people affected by dementia

Dementia Friendly London Summit

During Dementia Action Week, on 21 May 2018, organisations from across London came together at the Dementia Friendly London Summit at City Hall and pledged to take action to make this vision a reality.

Eddie Curzon, CBI Director for London and Thames Valley, was one of the panel members, highlighting the commitment of London businesses to help deliver a Dementia Friendly London.

What can individuals and businesses do to play their part?

Alzheimer’s Society are calling on all Londoners to take action now and join the movement to change people’s perceptions of the condition by becoming a Dementia Friend. You can sign up to be a Dementia  Friend as an individual or, better still, your business can sign up to Dementia Friends.

Alzheimer’s Society is asking individuals and businesses to pledge their actions to create a Dementia Friendly London and submit them to DFLondon@alzheimers.org.uk

If you would like to learn more about Dementia Friendly London, find out what businesses are already doing, and discuss how you or your business could get involved, please get in touch with Sana Nabi who is leading this work for the CBI.

Further details: https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/get-involved/dementia-friendly-communities/dementia-friendly-london